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Kids Abacus in India

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Kids Abacus in India

Our Kids Abacus introduces the child to the magical world of learning. These abacuses lay the foundation for knowledge and wisdom and take the edge off learning even for considered dreaded subjects like math and science. We offer an extensive variety of kids abacus with colorful beads in fascinating designs.

Student Abacus in Coimbatore

Abacuses are the best teachers a student can have. Abacuses are not a new phenomenon. It has been carried over from time immemorial when learning was not just for clearing exams but internalizing wisdom as a life science tool. We manufacture and export student abacus that are of correct weight and size for the child to hold in her/his hand comfortably.

Teacher Abacus in India

It is said, in Japan, even in big corporate houses the finance manager, after using the computer and calculator turns to his abacus for the final reassurance for number crunching. Abacus trains the brain and brings out the cutting edge capabilities of the human brain that lasts a life time.

Abacus bag

We are pioneers in reintroducing the magic of abacus that help the child overcome fear of learning mathematics and gently lead the child to the fascinating world of numbers and colors . Abacus Student Kit is a combination of few right Abacus Material / Abacus Study Material for children to help learn Abacus Math and practice the skills of Mental Arithmetic.